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Wanting You - TF Lemonish :iconsilverphantom:SilverPhantom 48 42
Secrets - TF Fanfic
Skyfire wasn’t sure he saw correctly when he flew back in to the Autobot base.
Yeah… he must have seen incorrectly.  His sensors must have picked up some dust or something.  Or maybe it was just that he’s been on a long flight.  That had to be it.  Away from the base for too long with not enough recharge before he started back to the Ark which was halfway around the world.
He didn’t think much about it after that but he must have had a strange expression on his face when he transformed, landing lightly on his feet, because Jazz, who was stationed at the entrance, asked, “Somethin’ on yer mind?”
“Huh?  Oh.  Nothing.  Just reflecting on something I saw…”  Skyfire briefly considered asking the saboteur about what he saw but dismissed the idea just as quickly as it came.
“Either way, welcome back,” Jazz said as Skyfire headed inside.
“Thank you,
:iconsilverphantom:SilverPhantom 28 37
Nightwing by Cinar Nightwing :iconcinar:Cinar 1,903 113 A New Friend by NightHunter17 A New Friend :iconnighthunter17:NightHunter17 1,976 598
Watching You - 05 - TF Fanfic
Everyone at the Ark could tell that Optimus was either a quick learner or he was remembering more as his memory chips were being repaired.  He was still quiet, only brief moments of giggling or talking breaking the silence, but those didn’t last long.  And he had a much better control over anything dealing with balance or motor skills.  That helped greatly as he clung to Bumblebee’s back much like how it was when he was with the scout in the command center.
Which was easier since he still didn’t let Bumblebee out of his sight and running after the long strides wore him out quickly.  And it was easier for Bumblebee since he didn’t have to check around him to make sure his little charge was still with him.
At one point, Prowl warned Bumblebee that he shouldn’t let Optimus do that.  It was only spoiling the Sparkling.
Bumblebee just gave Prowl a blank look and replied that spoiling Optimus for a month or two will n
:iconsilverphantom:SilverPhantom 20 18
Watching You - 04 - TF Fanfic
It was dark when he came online again and for a moment he didn’t know where he was.  Nothing around him was familiar and while the gentle, rhythmic sound of breathing eased some worry, it wasn’t enough to keep him in one spot.  Carefully, silently, he got off the berth, trying not to disturb the one that was with him and walked out of the room.
Everything looked different from what he was use to so he must have been transferred to a new base or ship from the battlefield.  But he couldn’t remember where the battle took place or what could have been the closest base could be.  And if he was injured in the battle, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the berth, let alone leave the room.  The medic on duty would have made sure of that.
He wandered down the further down the hall, continuing to search for something familiar after turning many corners, the dark shadows hiding alcoves and doorways.  He pushed further in
:iconsilverphantom:SilverPhantom 26 17
Watching You - 03 - TF Fanfic
Bumblebee anxiously searched through the Ark, starting at Optimus’s room and office and working his way down the halls.  He muttered a quick apology when he opened the door to Prowl’s office and got a glare in return and he didn’t even want to venture into Ratchet’s area.  He was about to fritz when couldn’t find his charge anywhere.
Sparklings often had a tendency of disappearing on their caregivers.  Apparently the crew had forgotten to warn Bumblebee of this little fact.  Or they were letting Bumblebee find out how much trouble the scout had caused when he was young.
Bumblebee was only moments away from calling a ship wide search when he opened the door to the rec room and stopped, his overheated systems quickly cooling in relief.
“Say ‘Jazz’…”
Apparently there was also an unwritten rule that the caregiver didn’t need to be told of a Sparkling’s location every time i
:iconsilverphantom:SilverPhantom 32 40
Watching You - 02 - TF Fanfic
Bumblebee sat still on the repair table of the medbay, his arm held out ramrod straight as Ratchet repaired a few of the gashes and burn marks on the armor.  Beside him, curled up by the yellow thigh armor of the Camaro, the Sparkling of Optimus recharged peacefully, one tiny hand gripping the armor’s edge as if to make sure that Bumblebee wasn’t about to leave him.  The scout gently stroked the blue helm of his leader, unable to stop the smile that formed as the Sparkling clicked in his sleep
“You never explained why Optimus is a Sparkling,” Bumblebee said softly, not wanting to disturb Optimus but desiring an answer.
“The memory chips and circuitry were damaged in that warehouse fire,” Ratchet said, switching his tool out for another one.  Bumblebee hissed at the new assault on his sensors but didn’t interrupt.  “The files in the memory chips are corrupt, leaving Prime with the mind of a Sparkling. &
:iconsilverphantom:SilverPhantom 26 33
Watching You - 01 - TF Fanfic
Bumblebee sat outside the large door of the medbay, his hands twisting restlessly between his knees as he leaned forward and ignored his own pain.  When more Autobots landed on earth, they brought the Ark with them and with that, a more advanced medbay for Ratchet.  The medic was able to repair Jazz, making his body whole once again and three days later, Jazz was recharging peacefully on a berth in the room, staying off of the duty list until Ratchet deemed him fit.
But that wasn’t the focus now.  Bumblebee felt horrible, felt responsible for the injury done to his comrade.  The Autobots answered the call for help from the local police, even if it was a warehouse fire, but the danger went higher when Ratchet detected human life within the fire.  Without thinking Bumblebee rushed in to save them, his youth and bravery making him reckless.  He was able to get the humans out of the warehouse but part of the ceiling fell on h
:iconsilverphantom:SilverPhantom 37 27
Flash Tutorial for Newbies by madelief Flash Tutorial for Newbies :iconmadelief:madelief 10,976 2,496 Protection by ti-jean Protection :iconti-jean:ti-jean 5,522 668
Mature content
TF - Hearts and Chocolate :icontaintedtamer:TaintedTamer 65 73
Not Forgotten - a VFS short :iconx-raizen:X-RaiZen 786 149
Dit dah - Transformers Fanfic
Bumblebee sighed softly to himself, switching the radio station until a new song came up over his speakers, filling the car.  It didn’t take long for him to get bored again.  Bumblebee and Optimus Prime had taken on a mission that just turned out to be a false alarm, and if there was even a threat to begin with, the humans could have easily handled it.  As if to prove that there was practically no threat, Optimus had even allowed Sam to come along for the ride, the young male begging to be brought along and promising to find cover if something did happen.  In truth, Sam wanted to look for a special gift for Mikaela for “Valentine’s Day” or whatever it was called
It was late at night now, no one else on the road save for the yellow Camaro and the flame painted Peterbilt semi and it was a long drive back to base since they were a few states over.  Sam had started to doze on and off as humans tended to do when it got la
:iconsilverphantom:SilverPhantom 29 21
HMS Royal George by RadoJavor HMS Royal George :iconradojavor:RadoJavor 20,938 2,455
Mature content
The Gift of Seduction :iconbluelonelyfish:BlueLonelyFish 20 26


Hi! I'm so sorry I've been so absent lately! I'm kind of limited to using dA on my mobile device right now and it's not exactly... full-function friendly, and we'll just leave it at that.

I do want to say a huge, giant THANK YOU to all the new watchers, for all the faves, I appreciate you guys so much more than I'll probably ever be able to say.

I have a number of cons coming up (after just finishing up with Florida SuperCon) so, I don't know what I'll be posting, but I'll be at:

Anime Festival Orlando (Orlando, FL July 25-27)
Tampa Bay Comic Con (Tampa, FL August 1-3)
Creator Owned Expo (Ft Lauderdale, FL August 9)

Right now those are the shows I'm 100% sure of, but I'll definitely post any new shows added to the schedule!

If you'll be attending any of those shows, please come by and say hi!

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  • Reading: Aralas... because it STILL makes me happy.
  • Watching: my cat watching the stray kitty outside
  • Eating: Mango, strawberries, blueberries, & blackberries
  • Drinking: water


United States
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Favourite style of art: too numerous to mention
Operating System: whatever doesn't crash
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Nautilus
Skin of choice: I'm rather attached to mine, thankyouverymuch



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You are an amazing artist and hope to see more from you in the future! :)
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